Server and Desktop Support

Many computer support issues and network maintenance tasks can be handled remotely. But sometimes there’s no replacement for hands-on, onsite desktop support and onsite server maintenance. At Digicomp Networks we offer our clients both service options – onsite computer support and remote technical support – depending on their specific needs. When performing critical support functions (desktop support, server support or network support maintenance or repair) being onsite can be essential for effectively addressing issues and implementing solutions quickly. As a matter of policy, we can provide our customers with an on-site response time of less than four hours. And because we spend the time to understand each of our customer’s work and systems environments, we’re able to quickly and effectively resolve issues with the least possible impact on the business. When you hire Digicomp Networks to help you take care of and maintain your technical environment, we provide you with a primary engineer who serves as your lead on-site resource.

Strategic Planning – IT Resource Management

It is highly unlikely that your business can afford to implement the wrong technology or simply waste its IT budget or employees’ time. With Digicomp Networks assisting the role of CIO, our overall business process consulting solutions will analyze your company’s work flow and determine if it could benefit from software tools offering greater efficiency, scalability or reporting that could actually make your business more successful. To ensure that your company’s projects make business sense – and drive the organization to be more efficient, effective and profitable – one of our business technology specialists will lead a planning session to outline expected return on your company’s IT investments.  We’ll even help you build budgets for replacing aging equipment and help implement new systems.  Finally, we’ll create a long-term infrastructure strategy that will complement your overall business objectives.

Hardware & Software Procurement for Businesses

As a result of our purchasing expertise, we can give our clients the exclusive, value-added service of discounts on all hardware and software purchases.  You can even receive the benefits of software licensing management with complex licensing agreements such as Microsoft Symantec, McAfee, etc. In fact, as a Digicomp Networks client, we can actually serve as your single source for everything necessary to meet your complete system’s needs.  We’ll do the product research for you and our experienced purchasing agents will manage and ensure your order’s accuracy for everything from software and computer purchasing, to delivery and implementation.  We know what works best, and where to get it, so we can make sure you have everything you need prior to any project’s launch. We also can obtain hard to find or discontinued products.

Project Management Support

From office moves and application customizations to new technology implementations, your company could realize the optimizing of its project management capabilities.  With Digicomp networks on your team, you can stay on track, on the same page and even on budget with every major IT project and new initiative. When it comes to business process consulting and IT project management, our representatives can help ensure that your company’s projects will be completed as promised and manage the complex hardware/software applications and third-party vendors and coordinate your resources.

Cloud Computing and Consulting

“Can my business live in the cloud?” It is a question we hear every day from new and existing customers. The short answer is: it depends.Every business is different and has its own specific requirements and needs. And while one cloud offering may be the perfect solution for one company, it can be totally unsuitable for another. However, using the cloud to support a different aspect of the business may very well be a perfectly viable option.Having created and managed our own cloud offerings for our clients, we know the ins and outs from both sides of the fence. And because we provide technical support to a large customer base covering a wide array of industries, we’ve pretty much run into every scenario imaginable. As a result, we are able to help customers like you navigate “the Cloud” and determine what, if any, cloud offerings are right for your business.

Voice Over IP Services and Solutions

The benefits of Voice Over IP (VoIP) can prove tremendously advantageous to almost any business.  With a VoIP-based system, works can easily access your company’s network via any internet connection.  THey can check voicemail and email, access project data; even place domestic and long-distance calls easily – and virtually, from anywhere. By offering significant infrastructure savings, Digicomp Networks is able to increase efficiencies and lower telecom costs with a VoIP-based phone system for your business.  We create a customized, scalable business phone system that offers both high quality voice and data delivery over a single network.  Plus, with our friendly and professional tech support, after-hours emergency support is available 24×7.