Welcome to Digicomp

Our Story

Founded in 1991 in the Los Angeles area of Southern California, Digicomp Networks continues to build upon its fundamental commitment of empowering medium sized businesses and supporting their mission-critical needs with only the finest certified engineers and cutting-edge technologies.

In the years since our inception, Digicomp has grown to be one of the most reliable IT firms providing outsourced computer consulting and IT support to the underserved small and mid-sized business community.

Despite our continued growth, our goal remains the same: to offer our clients the same advantages of having a large corporate IT department, but at a fraction of the cost. And as a result, our customers realize savings of 40% and more over employing their own, in-house technical staff. Think about it: we’ll never ask you for a vacation, we don’t need a 401K, and we provide all of our own gear. 

Experts in Business Network Technology

Trying to keep up with today’s networking environments is a challenge for even the biggest companies. Which is why our clients rely on the expert business network infrastructure support and IT consulting services offered by Digicomp Networks. Since 1991, Digicomp Networks has been providing small and medium-sized businesses like yours with industry leading IT consulting and local tech support that removes the pain, worry and hassle of managing your technology alone, and ensures your systems are safe, secure and designed to last.

On-Site Technical Support

Another distinct Digicomp Networks differentiator is our expert, on-site server and network support for both on-call and regularly scheduled customers. Our lead technical staff also serves as a high-level CIO resource to help you with technology strategy and planning. As our client, you will benefit from our team of exceptionally knowledgeable and diverse specialists who will provide your organization with innovative and goal-driven solutions. And our seamless integration with your company will ultimately lead to improved competitiveness, efficiency and profitability for your business.

We achieve accolades every day for our clients. At the end of the day, it’s knowing that we provide the best service in the industry to the most important business in the world – yours – that gives us the greatest satisfaction. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business.

Dependable IT Planning, Execution, and Purchasing

Digicomp Networks has grown to become one of the most reliable providers of full-service business network support and project-based IT services in the region. Our diverse team of highly trained computer network consultants and engineers stays current with the latest technologies and systems to ensure you receive cutting edge solutions that are battle-tested and follow industry best practices.

Flexible IT Support

At Digicomp Networks, we work in a way that fits your business. We can augment your existing staff and help them achieve and do more, or we can serve as your sole and trusted in-house technology resource. Either way, we’ve got the best computer consultants in the region ready to support your business and your technology needs.

Small Business Approach – Big Business Results

We understand the specific needs of small and mid-sized businesses and our computer support engineers thrive in those environments. We know how to find and implement creative solutions that get enterprise-class results without an enterprise-class price tag. In fact, our entire business is designed to achieve one thing:  to provide you with expert, fast and friendly service at a cost you can afford. Because we know when it comes to supporting the most important business in the world… yours… there’s no room for anything less.

The Computer Network Support Professionals

So whether it’s computer and network server support, data security and backups, or IT project planning and business network consulting, Digicomp Networks is the best choice for professional, end-to-end local IT outsourcing. Give us a call today! Contact Logan Carroll today at 818.879.1200 to discuss how Digicomp Networks can improve your business network.